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Meet the DEN: Michelle Jewell

This week, we’d like you to meet Michelle Jewell, an outdoor loving Instructional Technology Coach from Castle Rock, CO. Find out more in her Meet the DEN post.

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Community Favorites: Makerspace, Mega Fun!

Interested in starting a Makerspace but not sure how? Running a Makerspace but looking for new ideas? Learn how Library Media Specialist Shelby Graves developed a center for creativity, discovery, and community spirit. You've Got it Made

Top 10 SOS: Social & Emotional Learning

See the top strategies that help facilitate opportunities for students to explore and develop self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. View the Strategies

Try it Tuesday: Multiple Perspectives

SOS instructional strategy Multiple Perspectives requires students to engage deeply with an image or video as they assume a perspective other than their own. Students create a narrative from inside a piece of media, from the perspective of an object or a person within it. Try It Now

Webinar: Social and Emotional Learning

Learn how Discovery Education supports SEL—and student understanding of their emotions, social skills, and how these influence self-image and interpersonal relationships—through its dynamic platform, relevant content, robust content collections, and instructional strategies. | Tuesday, November 13 @7 PM ET Register Now

The Future of Learning is Now

Discovery Education accelerates school boards’ digital transition through comprehensive outcomes-based content, professional development, formative assessment, and community engagement proven to positively impact student achievement.

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Discovery Education Techbook™

A digital textbook series, built from scratch for today's learners and current outcomes, engages students with dynamic, multimodal content and an inquiry approach. Employing the latest techniques in formative learning, data, and motivation, Techbook includes robust professional development to ensure success with digital transition.

Coming soon: Math Techbook™, the latest in breakthrough digital textbooks from Discovery Education.

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Discovery Education Streaming Plus

A comprehensive digital service that motivates students to learn and helps teachers in every content area to transform their instruction. Containing thousands of outcomes-aligned resources, Streaming Plus provides you with the tools to teach your students to think critically about the content they use, see, and experience in their daily lives and to ask questions about the world around them.

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Professional Development

Teacher approved, research-based professional development that supports educators in utilizing digital resources and proven instructional practices to enhance student learning.

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Discovery Educator Network (DEN)

A global community of education professionals that are passionate about transforming the learning experience with digital media, the Discovery Educator Network connects members across town and around the world through social media, virtual conferences and in-person events.

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