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Discovery Education Curriculum Team

  • Marty Creel

    Marty Creel

    Chief Academic Officer / Vice President, Curriculum & Instruction

    With over 26 years experience as an educator, Marty Creel leads Discovery Education’s innovative curriculum and instruction team. Marty began his career as an engaging social studies teacher known for creative use of technology to deepen learning. As a district-wide curriculum, instruction, and professional development leader in a large urban/suburban school system he was the architect for a thoughtful transition to instructional standards that empower teachers and principals as instructional leaders.

  • Matthew Cwalina

    Matthew Cwalina

    Vice President, Digital Instruction

    Matthew has over 17 years educational experience, serving as a middle school teacher, high school teacher, K-12 lead teacher, and Director of Curriculum and Instruction. He was also a member of the Critical Stakeholder Review Team for the Next Generation Science Standards.

  • Amy Gensemer

    Amy Gensemer

    Director, Science Instruction

    Amy has 16 years of educational experience in Science, Technology, and Engineering as a high school classroom teacher, department chair, district curriculum specialist and most recently supervisor for Science, Technology, and Engineering for the largest school system in Maryland. Prior to her supervisor position, she designed and delivered Professional development at that national level and has authored national STEM curriculum products.

  • Nikki Snyder

    Nikki Snyder

    Content Specialist, K-12 Science Instruction

    Nikki has over 12 years of experience in science education as a middle school and high school science classroom teacher, district curriculum writer, and professional development trainer in the largest school system in Maryland. In addition, she worked at the American Association for the Advancement of Science on their after-school standards-based science program, Kinetic City: Mission to Vearth. She holds a master’s degree in Chemical and Life Sciences.

  • David Marsland

    David Marsland

    Content Specialist, K-12 Science

    David has 38 years of experience in science education as a 6-12 classroom teacher, department chair, district science advisor, curriculum specialist, and teacher trainer. He taught both students and teachers in the United Kingdom and Africa before becoming a Curriculum Developer and later a Director of Science Teacher Professional Development at the Smithsonian Institution.

  • Daniel Byerly

    Daniel Byerly

    Director, Social Studies

    Dan taught high school Social Studies, including U.S. History and Geography, and later served as a middle school instructional coach. He was a K-12 Social Studies supervisor and preK-12 curriculum director in Washington, D.C.

  • Kevin Jenkins

    Kevin Jenkins

    Content Specialist, Social Studies

    Kevin was a middle and high school Social Studies teacher. He was the content lead for the Maryland High School Assessment and served as a specialist at the Maryland State Department of Education.

  • Patrick Vennebush

    Patrick Vennebush

    Director of Mathematics

    Patrick began his career as a middle and high school mathematics teacher in Pennsylvania. He served as Associate Director for PBS TeacherLine, Online Projects Manager for NCTM Illuminations, and chair of the MathCounts Question Writing Committee.

  • Peg Hartwig

    Peg Hartwig

    Content Specialist, Mathematics

    Peg was a classroom teacher in Wisconsin, spending more than 20 years teaching middle and high school mathematics. She also developed curriculum for high school mathematics and developed and led professional development initiatives.

  • Marjan Hong

    Marjan Hong

    Mathematics Techbook Content Specialist

    Marjan taught high school mathematics in both Utah and North Carolina and served as department chair. She also developed curriculum and assessments for secondary math and conducted professional development in the U.S. and Thailand.

  • Camsie McAdams

    Camsie McAdams

    Director, STEM Curriculum

    An experienced STEM education leader with more than 15 years in urban, public K-12 education, Camsie McAdams brings vast experience to her role at Discovery Education. Most recently McAdams served in the Obama Administration as the Deputy Director for STEM at the U.S. Department of Education. She has also worked as the Director of STEM for District of Columbia Public Schools. With over a decade of experience teaching math, science and literacy in New York City Public Schools and in California’s Oakland Unified School District, she is a recipient of several teaching awards, including the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching for the state of New York. McAdams received a degree in general engineering and political science from the University of Denver, and a Masters of Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.