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Partner Success Stories

Incredible Stories from Partnering Districts

Discovery Education works to develop sustainable solutions that transform classrooms, empower teachers and captivate students. Whether our partners are just beginning their digital journey or well along their way, our tailored programs are designed to drive impactful growth through a combination of the highest quality digital resources, capacity building instructional and administrative professional development and support from the largest learning network of its kind.

Our Greatest Success Is That of Our Partners

West Vancouver School District

A Digital Tool Aligned with the Needs of Students and Educators

Leaders at West Vancouver School District were looking for a smart technology strategy that could improve student learning. They found a resource that gave students access to vetted materials from around the world, helping them learn in fresh new ways aligned with their curriculum.

Digital Solutions: Science Techbook, Streaming Plus, Professional Development

Surrey Schools

Engaging Students with Creative Tools

Making the digital leap at Surrey Schools wasn't a hard decision. Educators craved learning materials that addressed their students' needs, allowing them to create and interact with their resources, changing their perspective of what's possible in the classroom.

Digital Solutions: Community, Professional Development

Rock Hill Schools, SC

Science Techbook Students Outperform Peers

Results from the district’s research team, led by Dr. Harriet Jaworowski, show that students using Techbook scored higher on average in South Carolina’s 2015 Palmetto Assessment of State Standards (SCPASS) examination than their peers who were not taught with Techbook.

Digital Solutions: Science Techbook, Professional Development

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Ottawa Catholic School Board Partner Spotlight

Ottawa Catholic School Board

Developing a Vibrant Digital Ecosystem in Ottawa

Ottawa Catholic Schools is part of a global movement adopting deeper learning competencies -- a new way of teaching the skills and knowledge students need to become effective global citizens. A key component of deeper learning is effectively utilizing digital resources.

Discovery Education’s library of resources has become a cornerstone for Ottawa Catholic’s educators. They’ve created a robust portal for students and staff, guiding them to the best material available as they research all manner of subjects.

Digital Solutions: Streaming Plus

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Wake County Public School System, NC

Developing Teacher-Leaders to Drive the Digital Transition

In order to effectively make a large-scale shift to the technology-based Common Core state standards, Wake County focused on equipping its teachers with the appropriate tools and training to integrate technology into their classrooms through a Digital Leader Corps initiative.

Digital Solutions: Digital Leader Corps

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School District 8, Saint John, New Brunswick

Engaging & Transforming Canadian Classrooms

The leaders of School District 8 in Saint John, New Brunswick realized that the best way to enhance student learning in their district was with the technologies that students use on a daily basis. They decided that Discovery Education aligned best with their vision of making their children more excited about learning. Watch as they launch Discovery Education into each and every classroom in the district.

Digital Solutions: Streaming Plus

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, NC

Sustained, Dramatically Increasing Science Scores

Charlotte-Mecklenburg leadership recognized the need to make the district’s science instruction more interactive and engaging. In addition, they wanted to build the confidence of their teachers.

Digital Solutions: Digital Content, Professional Development

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Mooresville Graded School District, NC

Producing Real Results in Student Achievement, Teacher proficiency, and Lowered Costs.

Mooresville Graded School District and Discovery Education have partnered for nearly a decade to drive innovation in education by providing Mooresville students the highest-quality digital resources.

Digital Solutions: Techbook™, Streaming Plus, Professional Development

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Holy Trinity Catholic School Division

Fostering Lifelong Learning through Digital Curriculum in Saskatchewan

Holy Trinity Catholic School Division is a rural school division in Saskatchewan, Canada. The division enrolls 2,300 students in 10 buildings, and is well known for its mission to create hope by fostering learning and honouring diversity in a Catholic environment.

Digital Solutions: Science, Streaming Plus

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Miami-Dade County Public Schools, FL

Achieving Real Results Through Transformational Change

Leaders from Miami-Dade County Public Schools, one of the largest school systems in the United States, realized that today's students have changed, that they needed more access to the world in preparation for their futures, and that schools needed to catch up.

Digital Solutions: Streaming Plus, Science, Professional Development

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Oak Ridge Schools, TN

Creating Authentic Digital Learning Environments through STEM Professional Development

Superintendent Dr. Bruce Borchers' recently announced a strategic plan to transform Oak Ridge Schools into the premier preK-12 STEM school district in the nation. The district's goal is to become a leader in STEM education through continuation and expansion of Oak Ridge's already well-regarded educational opportunities for students along with additional enhancements to technology infrastructure, professional development and access to devices, which will place dynamic digital content in the hands of each student.

Digital Solutions: Streaming Plus, Science Techbook, Professional Development

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District Success: Superintendent Stories

Hear what these superintendents are saying about Discovery Education, and the difference our resources have made in their districts.