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Techbook™ Digital Textbooks

Lead with Content. Engage with Digital.

A clear vision. A strong plan with buy-in from all stakeholders. Supported teachers. And, great instructional content. These elements are present in school districts all along the digital continuum that are successfully boosting student achievement.

In a sea of crowdsourced content and OER, finding the right, high-quality resources continues to be a daunting and time-consuming task. But ask some of the country's most respected curriculum leaders and classroom teachers what resource they trust most, and they'll tell you Discovery Education Techook™. Curriculum-aligned with content that is relevant, dynamic, and carefully vetted, Techbook:

  • Is available in math and science.
  • Saves teachers time with its comprehensive design that includes model lessons, student activities, assessments, and data dashboards embedded at point-of-use.
  • Makes differentiation easier through a blend of text and media, different reading levels and languages, and text-to-speech feature.
  • Can be used in any technology setting—in one-to-one and one-to-many classrooms.
  • Is updated regularly at no additional cost.

iPad Science Techbook

What District Leaders are Saying

"Discovery Education Techbook has transformed our classrooms into multimedia learning environments. The interactive content engages our students and encourages them to think more deeply as they interact with rigorous digital content."

— Mark D. Benigni, Ed.D., Superintendent, Meridian Public Schools (CT)


Math Techbook

Math Techbook is a breakthrough digital textbook that engages students with real-world problems worth solving. Using a balanced approach to instruction, it facilitates an in-depth understanding of mathematics through conceptual understanding, procedural skill and fluency, and application.



Science Techbook

Science Techbook is changing the way students and teachers experience real world science phenomena. With an award-winning, impactful approach to instruction, Science Techbook combines different types of media to explain and reinforce complex cross-cutting science concepts.


West Vancouver Schools

Partnership Powered By:

West Vancouver Schools (WVS) is a community of learners that draws students from West Vancouver, Bowen Island, Lions Bay and beyond. As the top performing public school board in British Columbia, WVS is built on a tradition of academic excellence. They've partnered with Discovery Education to bring digital content into the classroom using Science Techbook and Streaming, along with specialized professional development.