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Discovery Now is your destination for educational content and classroom resources from the Discovery family of channels that inspire curiosity and engage students in learning. Bring animal cams into the class from Animal Planet, reinforce the importance of biodiversity from Discovery Channel, or ignite a passion for science in partnership with Science Channel. Discovery Now offers a range of programs and resources to complement your classroom instruction.

New resources and programs will be added so please check back often.

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Shark Week

Let summer begin before school lets out with Discovery Channel’s Shark Week!

Shark Week is back, and we invite you to use the powerful appeal of this event to explore important topics including biodiversity, ocean conservation, sharks, and more.

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Go behind the scenes of the next step in the evolution of telescopes: NASA's James Webb Space Telescope. 100 times more powerful than the Hubble Space Telescope, the James Webb Space Telescope is capable of looking back on the origins of our universe and identifying signatures of potential life on planets far outside our solar system.

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Virtual Class Pets

A collection of live animal cams that K-5 classes can observe on their own time, with no cost, no messy situations, and no time-consuming upkeep. Check-in with your favorite virtual class pets and use our classroom activities and resources to enhance your students' experience.

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Discovery Education Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality opens up new worlds of learning. As VR continues to evolve, its use in the classroom to support instruction will continue to evolve as well. Be part of this exciting journey and get started today!

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