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Animal Classes: Matching Animal-Classes-Matching

Use the following words: Name: _______________________
_____ food chain 1)the reason gorillas beat their chests
_____ reptile 2)has hard shell covering body and jointed legs
_____ insects 3)a meat eater
_____ extinction 4)class of animals with dry scaly skin and that lay eggs
_____ to look threatening 5)a male bee who mates with the queen
_____ mammals 6)class of animals whose body is divided into three sections and usually has three pairs of legs
_____ birds 7)has scales and lives and breathes underwater
_____ crustaceans 8) have feathers and wings -- lay eggs
_____ amphibians 9)a plant is eaten by a beetle which is eaten by a rat which is eaten by a cat is an example of what
_____ mollusks 10)have soft body and hard outer shell
_____ fish 11)female bees who watch after the eggs
_____ Australia 12)feed milk to their babies--have hair or fur--give birth to live young
_____ drone 13)the only bee who lays eggs
_____ workers 14)when one kind of animal completely dies out
_____ queen 15)kangaroos are only found on this continent
_____ carnivore 16)have smooth damp skin and can live on land and in water
_____ herbivore 17)a plant eater