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Free 9-12 Teacher Resources



Smart and Mean

Q: What are the most intelligent and the most aggressive animals in Africa?
A: According to scientists, hippos are the meanest; elephants the smartest.


vocabulary matching


Capture your students attention and get them ready to learn with these worksheets.  Try this vocabulary matching exercise on the subject of genetics at the beginning of a science lesson.


Lesson Plans

Human Development

Students will do the following:

  • Examine the eight stages of human emotional and psychological development described by psychologist Erik Erikson
  • Discuss Erikson’s first five stages of life, infancy through adolescence, with a focus on the adolescent “identity crisis”

Understanding Television

Students will understand the following:

  • Producing a television show is a complex task that requires many skills, many people, and a great deal of thought and planning

Understanding Sterotypes

Students will:

  • Assumptions can lead to stereotypes and unfair judgments about individuals and groups
  • Stereotypes and biases affect our lives

Concepts in Algebra

Students will:

  • Discover Islamic achievements in mathematics
  • Understand Al-Khwarizmi's six standard forms of equations
  • Be able to solve equations in any of the forms

Tales of Edgar Allan Poe

Students will:

  • Read one work by Edgar Allan Poe ("The Pit and the Pendulum," "The Raven," or "The Tell-Tale Heart")
  • Summarize basic elements (plot, characters, setting, perspective)
  • Identify the emotions revealed in the work
  • Create an original piece portraying these emotions