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Inspiring Curiousity

Discovery Education supports Canadian teachers in accelerating student achievement, bringing the world of Discovery into classrooms to ignite students' natural curiosity.
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Lean all about the eleven official languages and large population of Aboriginal peoples in the Northwest Territories with our new Northwest Territories Theme Page.
Discovery Education Techbook is a comprehensive digital program that replaces traditional textbooks, fuels digital transformation, and supports your standards.
Rediscover the lives of Extraordinary Canadians such as Glenn Gould, Stephen Leacock, Lester B. Pearson, and Pierre Elliott Trudeau with the Extraordinary Canadian Series. Login now.


From engaging, rich media aligned to provincial outcomes to interactive digital curriculum, our world-class content takes students beyond the classroom.


Extensive professional development opportunities and a passionate educator network support teachers in transforming the classroom experience.


Measure results and accelerate student achievement with digital curriculum that engages today's students.