Our commitment starts with providing exceptional learning content.

Curated for educators to support equitable, engaging learning experiences.

Meet the Team Focused on Your Experience

We are the stewards of a robust collection of more than 155,000 multi-modal content resources designed to bring the real world to students around the globe. As a part of the larger academic team at Discovery Education, we focus on producing, selecting, and curating best-in-class digital content to help educators achieve K-12 instructional goals; to inspire student curiosity and agency; and to reflect the diversity of the audience we serve.

Our Team's Content Picks

You can imagine how challenging it is to select favorites from our vast collection of so many great resources! Nevertheless, we've selected a few here that best showcase the authenticity, diversity, and quality of what we do.

Our Approach

Just like you, we care deeply about selecting the right content and resources to support equitable learning. Our collection includes original content from Discovery Education and carefully selected resources from trusted education producers, associations, agencies, and like-minded news, entertainment, and sports brands. Everything is specially curated to help educators find exactly what they need and to be accessible to all students.

When we review and select content, our end goal is ensuring only the highest quality ends up in the classroom. We conduct viewing parties for each content selection to ask ourselves these questions:

  • Does the content align to today’s classroom and instructional needs?
  • Does the content inspire student agency and appeal to youth culture?
  • Can students see themselves in the content? Are they part of the conversation?
  • Can this content be accessed by all students?


How Content Evolves

To maintain the high quality and timeliness of our growing library of content, we move each resource through an evolutionary cycle and listen intently to educator feedback to improve the discoverability of fresh resources.

Our team is poised to leap into action when timely resources are needed to address what’s going on in the lives’ of students: whether it’s responding to global crises like the COVID-19 pandemic, helping classrooms tackle difficult conversations, or staying updated on the latest educational practices. No matter what, you can rely on us for safe, relevant, and engaging content and resources.


Flowchart: Evaluate original content collections and those of our content partners to determine what to add. Produce original content and collaborate with trusted partners to deliver hundreds of new resources monthly. Curate and organize content and resources in creative ways to help educators and students find exactly what they need. Share content to engage all students and instructional resources to support all teachers.

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